Gaia’s Spa Cuisine Celebrated Recipes


Gaia’s unique creative style of gourmet cuisine has been captured again in the release of its brand NEW ‘Gaia Spa Cuisine Recipes’ created by award-winning Head Chef Dan Trewartha and his committed, skilled kitchen and garden team. Dan is continuously raising the bar with his exquisite authentic Australian Spa Cuisine, yet keeping it simple and pure with a nurturing balance of organic style cooking.

Each meal is carefully tailored and composed to delight with fresh, colourful and inspiring organic food catering for balanced bursts of taste sensations.

These 21 exquisite recipes are intended to be added to Gaia’s original cookbook ‘Gratitude’ with timber covers, so it will come without a cover & hole punched ready to add to your Gratitude Cookbook. Some of the recipes also reference recipes from the Gratitude cookbook.

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